What’s New in Firefox 4

Here are some of the new features that will be available in Mozilla Firefox 4.
Easily manage groups of tabs using Panorama

  • For Eg. One group for social networking, one for news sites, etc.

Recover instantly from crashes Enjoy faster browsing

  • Firefox 4’s new JavaScript engine, JaegerMonkey, lets the browser run web applications significantly faster than Firefox 3.6

Enjoy speedier graphics

  • Firefox 4 supports Direct2D hardware acceleration.

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 features Synchronize your browser data across multiple devices

  • Firefox 4’s new sync feature lets you access all your bookmarks, history, passwords, form data and open tabs from any device running Firefox 4.

Watch videos without Flash

  • Firefox 4 fully supports audio and video tags and there are several ways to see HTML5 in action.

Search Bing from your browser

  • In addition to Google (default search) and Yahoo, once can search web using Bing directly from the browser.

Always connect to sites securely

  • HTTP Strict Transport Security, which is built into Firefox 4, solves the problem by automatically routing request to the ssecure site.

Switch to any open tab Create permanent tabs for your favorite sites

  • Similar to Win 7 pin unpin on toolbar

Control Firefox 4 with your finger tips

  • If you have touch screen device, you can control Firefox 4 with fingertips. Browser recognizes three types of actions – touching the screen, moving your fingers and lifting your fingers off the screen.

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