BSNL 3G Connection Settings for Huawei UMG1831 3G USB Data Card Modem

Huawei data card modems are in huge demand now a days as are available unlocked and are compatible with most of the 3g service providers in India like BSNL, MTNL, AirTel, Tata Docomo, Reliance, IDEA, AIRCEL , Vodafone.

I am using Huawei UMG1831 3G USB Data Card Modem 21 Mbps with BSNL 3g connection. From the reviews over the internet forums it is found that  this Huawei card is far far better than one sold by BSNL vendors. This Huawei UMG1831 3G USB Data Card can is designed for download speed upto 21 Mbps but at present it depends on tower you are connecting which is max. ~7 Mbps

Features of Huawei UMG1831 3G USB Data Card Modem

  • Standards for data transmission HSPA / HSDPA / HSUPA/3G / EDGE / GPRS
  • Quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Receive data up to 21 Mbps (downlink)
  • Sending data to 5.76 Mbps (uplink)
  • Works on both 2g and 3g networks
  • Operating systems : Windows 2000, XP (SP2),Windows 7, Ubuntu, Fedora
  • Video calling using ‘Mobile Partner’ software

    Step-by-step guide for connecting Huawei UMG1831 3g USB Data Card to the internet:

    • Connect Huawei USB card to PC/Laptop and install the drivers for the modem which are supplied with modem only. And once installation is complete, launch “T-Mobile webConnect Manager”
    • We need to create new profile to start accessing the Internet. Select Tools -> Profiles…

    T-Mobile webConnect Manager bsnl 3g connection

    • Add new profile as shown below. Select ‘Broadband’ from the list.

    • Select ‘Custom Custom Profile’ from list. On next page provide access method for connection. For BSNL 3G it is as shown below and leave other settings as it is.

    • Once Done, you can see the profile created.

    • Other features of inbuilt available software with Huawei UMG1831 3G USB Data Card Modem like Usage checking, etc

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    36 Responses to “BSNL 3G Connection Settings for Huawei UMG1831 3G USB Data Card Modem”

    1. timo says:

      How is your experience with 1831 data card. I read a lot of complaints from bsnl 3g users about performance of the connection using this card.

    2. mohamed says:

      people says that it doesn’t have voice and video calling features. i read it in the forum below.

      are you able to make video or atleast voice calls with it. bcoz without these features it looks costly.

    3. Harsh says:

      You can use software called ‘Mobile Partner’ for voice calling with Huawei UMG1831 3G USB Data Card Modem.

    4. Harsh says:

      Till I dont have ne issue and getting good speed upto 2.5 – 3Mbps most of the times

    5. shivom singh says:

      what is the cost of this and where is available in delhi


    6. Harsh says:

      I bought it from ebay.. for 2800/-

    7. Aakash says:


      Can you provide me the link for the latest version of Mobile Partner? I’m using 11.302.09.00.03 version.

    8. svrrao says:

      will it works on XP SP3?

    9. Harsh says:

      Yes, it will .. no issues.

    10. Avinash M says:

      It has problem working on tata docomo network.

    11. Avinash M says:

      Has any body tested with tata docomo network, with 3G pack activated?

    12. Ritesh Acharya says:

      Dear Harsh,
      I have E1550 & Connect through T-Mobile Web Connect. It says Roaming Charge Applied. After Click on OK I can Connect with BSNL. So, Please tell me Is there Any Charges for it? Or Please help Me for Connect with it Via Mobile Partner. My OS is Windows XP SP3.
      I am living in Ahmedabad. Gujarat.
      Waiting for your reply about same. If possible please give me mail for it.

      Thanks in Advance.

    13. Harsh says:

      No idea about the msg you are getting as I never heard about it. BSNL 3g does not have any roaming charges but for calling their may be roaming. Mobile Partner is indeed very easy to use.. just install .. configure..
      Happy Surfing!

    14. sam says:

      Hey Harsh,
      I have recently purchased Huawei UMG1831 3G USB Data Card Modem 21 Mbps from ebay.
      It is unlocked piece but the softare provided with it is not like the screen shots shown by you.
      i think it is Huawei Mobile Manager .
      So plase tell me where i can download the T mobile webconnect manager.
      And pese let me know if it is available for mac.

      pls. help me out…

    15. Ritesh Acharya says:

      Thanks for your reply.
      I tried too much time to connect my USB with Mobile Partner But I get Error 619 for it.
      So, If there is Any Solution for it. please help me.
      Wait for your reply.
      thnx in again.

    16. Harsh says:

      Huawei UMG1831 3G USB stick software updates for win7 / xp / mac are available at

      It will ask mobile no. for download which you can enter as 6156680000.

      Let me knw if it works.

    17. Jaya says:

      To Ritesh Acharya
      February 9, 2011 at 5:58 PM
      Dear Harsh,
      I have E1550 & Connect through T-Mobile Web Connect. It says Roaming Charge Applied. After Click on OK I can Connect with BSNL. So, Please tell me Is there Any Charges for it? Or Please help Me for Connect with it Via Mobile Partner. My OS is Windows XP SP3.
      I am living in Ahmedabad. Gujarat.
      Waiting for your reply about same. If possible please give me mail for it.
      Hi Ritesh,
      At present BSNL does not charges for its data transfers (internet) during roaming. Hence The T Mobile web connect manages has a built in command, it is insisting to conform the status. Happy Roaming.

    18. sam says:

      Hey , Harsh,
      Thanks a lot….

    19. Jay says:

      Can you provide the setting for bsnl 3g in Huawei E122 3g usb data card modem?

    20. jagnlpr says:

      mine is an unlocked umg 1831data card for all gsm networks..i have a dout.if i am updating my device with FW update downloaded from t-mobile site,will it again become locked to t-mobile only.if so wht to do?

    21. svrrao says:

      My UMG1831 3G USB stick is working well with Mobile Partner. But one of my friend bought the same from different vendor from ebay. When it is connected with XPSP3/W 7 OS modem is not detecting. Is there any issue with modem or what?

    22. net says:

      i have purchased UMG1831 from ebay.
      i got tmobile webconnect manager with.
      i am using tata docomo 2g, but it disconnects automatically in a minute (windows xp2).
      i tried using mobile partner, but it is nit working.
      pls help…………………

    23. VINAY says:



    24. Arun says:

      Absolutely true is that BSNL 3g speed is very lsow.And i was really suffering with BSNL 3g datacard .And i have to finally stop the bsnl 3g service after number of problems..think before u buy…..

    25. Xander says:

      It’s working with TATA DOCOMO for me.
      Follow the aforementioned steps to add a new profile but with a minor change as given below:
      Fill the ‘Dialled Number’ tab with value *99#
      and the ‘Access Point Name’ as TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET.
      The access point name will vary with the service provider. Of course for BSNL it is ‘bsnlnet’. We should enter the proper value in this field to get connected.
      Try this and ‘njoy. The speed will depend on the signal strength at your place.

      Can any one help me in connecting this device on Fedora Linux OS?
      I guess it will connect to Linux like it works on a Windows machine

    26. Dev says:

      @ Harsh… i have bought new huawei umg 1831 modem .. i am using windows 7 , facing problems in connecting…its stucks in registering to the network during dialing manually.. and with the modem i have got mobile partner which also shows problem. can u help me plz.

    27. Saqib says:

      How do i use a 3g card in an unlocked data card??
      How to activate it, recharge and start using?
      COuld i enable 3g on my own vodafone sim and start using the existing vodafone 3g internet plans and is it the same with other service providers as well

    28. Murali S says:


      I purchased a UMG1831 and a BSNL 3G SIM. But when I am trying to install the driver it is throwing and error that it is not a signed Microsoft driver and the driver installation gets aborted. I have the admin privilege on my laptop.

      Please guide me to overcome this problem.

      Thanks in advance.

      Murali S

    29. Krishna Kanta says:

      Is it possible to use UMG 1831 as a tata photon plus device?

    30. SUBHASH says:



    31. kaushik says:

      Can i use huawei umg 1831 3G card with bsnl to do video calling through skype or facebook etc can any body tried and how is speed ?

    32. Adil says:

      Very Thanks Dear Harsh & Nice Sharing Use full
      Dear Harsh i need Settings other providers in India like, MTNL, AirTel, Tata Docomo, Reliance, IDEA, AIRCEL , Vodafone. if u can pls A Need Only Profile Name & Access Point name { APN } What i Type In Other provider I understand for BSNL,,,,,,,

      Profile name …… BSNL
      Access Point name …….bsnlnet
      Dialed number is ………..*99#

      I Need Lake A Setting For Other Providers
      Adil From Sultanate of Oman GCC

      DVB Technical Support & Services
      Muscat Sultanate Of Oman

    33. Anindya says:

      I purchased an Airtel 3G modem on 14.05.2011 at Trichy.
      I am using the same on my Windows 7 laptop.
      The plan is Pre-Paid 101
      I have recharged it with Rs.101 on 15.06 and 14.07.2011.
      The 3G modem was working well till beginning of July.
      After that, it shows as “Connected”, and the light is Blue and steady, but no pages are loading.
      The same result is obtained with IE8 and also Mozilla Firefox 3.
      Windows reports that Airtel 3G is connected.
      I have contacted the Trichy Airtel sales personnel several times, but they are saying that there is no problem form their side.
      Please suggest how I can proceed further to solve the problem.

    34. Just desire to say your article is as surprising. The clarity to your submit is simply great and that i can assume you’re knowledgeable in this subject. Well along with your permission allow me to snatch your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the rewarding work.

    35. kunika says:

      can u send me the setting of bsnl 3g for idea net setter CE0682 on my e-mail id

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