10 free CD/DVD Image Mounting Softwares

The list below are arranged based on the file size (from small to big) of the installer.

  1. Microsoft Virtual CDRom Control Panel
    There is no official page for this tool and you can’t even search for it in Microsoft website. What I like about this tool is it doesn’t require installation and the whole package is very small in size. The only drawback is it can only run in XP.
  2. WinCDEmu
    Mounting an ISO image file using WinCDEmu is really easy. Just install and all you need to do is to double click on the ISO image file to automatically mount it to a drive letter. If you want to unmount, just right click on the drive and select Eject.
  3. ISODisk
    Very straight forward interface for you to mount an image file. However this tool is unable to mount ISO-13346 (UDF) images. It can create ISO images from disc though…
  4. MagicDisc
    MagicDisc is created by the same developer of the popular MagicISO. It can mount a wide range of CD/DVD image formats and can also create CD/DVD image from disc. Supports from Windows 98 to Windows 7!
    Supported Filetypes: bin, ima/img, cif, nrg, ccd, mdf/mds, vcd, vaporcd, p01/md1, vc4, vdi, c2d, bwi/bwt, cdi, tao/dao, pdi
    Pros:MagicDisc, the freeware counterpart to MagicISO, is without a doubt the most versatile image mounting software out there. It supports virtually every format you’ll ever come across, and is 100% compatible with Windows Vista. MagicDisc supports multiple drives, and has many features not present in the other programs reviewed in this article – namely image validiation and forced mounts. Like the other programs, Daemon Tools has support for multiple emulated drives. Its support for Windows Vista is complete and bug-free
    Cons:Don’t let MagicDisc’s long list of supported formats fool you. While it may mount these formats, it crashes far too often to be considered dependable, and can take your system down with it. While it officially support Windows Vista, it’s tenacious at best. Many times mounting a new image won’t be reflected until you restart your system. MagicDisc’s interface is cluttered with useless links to MagicDisc, and is very hard to navigate – it’s like jamming Outlook into a taskbar icon. MagicDisc is also the slowest-performing program we tested. Use MagicDisc only if you really need support for one of the less-popular file formats.
  5. Virtual CloneDrive
    – Supports XP and Vista. Mounting a CD/DVD image is as easy as double clicking the file.
    Supported Filetypes: ccd, dvd, iso, udf, bin/cue
    Pros: SlySoft’s excellent Virtual CloneDrive is our Editor’s Pick for the day. VirtualClone drive is fastest product on the list, with an almost invisible emulation layer that makes it seems as if you’re opening the files natively & support for multiple emulated drives (“sheep”). Virtual CloneDrive doesn’t use any background programs or services to mount your files, and its interface is straight-forward and easy-to-use. It doesn’t clutter your system tray nor fill up your start menu: just right click the drive in My Computer, and select the file to mount. It doesn’t get easier than that.
    Cons: Virtual CloneDrive has only a couple of minor drawbacks, if you can work-around/live-with these, then you don’t need to look any further.
    Limited image format support.
    Doesn’t work on Vista as of version ((Virtual CloneDrive used to work on previous versions of Windows Vista. However, on Vista RTM it results in a BSOD, and a “last known good configuration” boot is required to get the system working once more.))
  6. Pismo File Mount
    This tool works a little different by mounting the image file like a network mapped drive.
  7. Phantom CD
    Phantom CD supports XP and Vista 32-bit. This software installer is quite huge in size compared to the above and it can only mount 1 drive letter plus cannot create image from disc.
  8. DAEMON Tools Lite Commercial
    The “Commercial” keyword for the title of the software is a little confusing. Usually commercial means shareware but for this one, it is a freeware. Be careful during installation because it will ask to install Browser Toolbar and also set DAEMON Tools default Search Provider. It can create image from disc. Supports XP and Vista.
    Support Filetypes: iso, bwt, cdi, b5t, cue/bin, mds/mdf, nrg, pdi
    Pros:Daemon Tools is the oldest name on the list, and has managed to keep up with the times. Ever since version 4 came out, Daemon Tools has been one of the best image mounting softwares on the market. It alone from the programs reviewed provides in-built DRM-circumvention software, including workarounds for SafeDisc, Securom, RMPS, and LaserLock. It has a trusted name, an active community, and a very solid framework.
    Cons:While Daemon Tools is free for personal use it ships with spyware. Daemon Tools comes with the “WhenU Search” spyware that results in nasty ads and tracking of personal information. Installing the spyware is optional but it’s selected by default during the setup. The included DRM-circumvention is a decent-but-not-excellent implementation, but still better than nothing. Daemon Tools isn’t as fast nor as light of a solution as Virtual CloneDrive, but it’s almost as good.
  9. Gizmo Drive
    This is the only free virtual disc emulator that can create image from both disc and folder. Support both 32 and 64 bit of XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, and Windows 7.
  10. Alcohol 52%
    Can create image from disc. You have to go to Virtual Drive option to set the number of virtual drives before mounting an image because by default it is set to 0.


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