How to Delete Saved Password in Mozilla Firefox Browser?

firefox-logo-browser Firefox has a very handy utility to manage all the password entered called “Password Manager”. It stores username and password against the website when you click option “Remember” at the top right corner. This is pretty handy if you don’t want to enter your username and password for the websites you visit frequently.

Whenever you use common machine or handing over you machine / laptop to your friend or someone, every possibility that your passwords can be hacked for good or bad reasons. First option is when Firefox asks if you want it to remember your password, you need click ‘Never for This Site’ option and to postpone the decision, click ‘Not Now’, and Firefox will prompt you the next time you visit the site.

Follow the following steps given below to remove all the stored password:

  1. From the top Tools menu, select Options… ( Preferences… in case of MAC users) from the drop menu list. (usually last option in the menu list)

    Tools - Options Dialog - Firefox

  2. This will open the Options Dialog. Now, select Security tab and click on Saved Password… button
  3. One more window pop-ups with all the information about saved information.
  4. If clicked on Show Password…, all the password will get displayed.
    Mozilla Firefox Delete Saved Password
  5. Last and important step is to click on Remove All and this will erase all the passwords in one go!. But don’t forget to remember all important password in your brain before deleting them. Bingo! Click Close and Ok on opened dialogs respectively and you are done.

Also, there is another option to hide all the Password by assigning one Master Password. But this is annoying as it keep popping dialog for entering Master Password and becomes irritating at times.

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  1. Rohit says:

    very helpful…. step by step helping procedure is very nice

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