10 Cool Google Maps Mashups

Google map logo 10 Cool Google Maps MashupsGoogle Earth and Maps is perhaps one of the coolest web app in existence today. What is even cooler about it is that Google guys have released the API for it. So anyone who invests a bit of time learning it can develop their own mashups using this powerful technology. Indeed for many people it’s a constant source of income. Buy a cheap host for your mashup, add  Google Ad Sense and if it’s any good there’s no limit to the amount you can earn.

10) Distance Between Two Places:

This cool mashup tells you the distance between two points you select on the map. No need to zoom in or anything just pick the points and it will tell you the rest. Try it here.

distancetwoplacesgooglemap 10 Cool Google Maps Mashups

9)  Where Would You End Up If You Started Digging?

Well you can find the answer here. It shows you two maps, on one you choose your location and on the other it shows your diametrical opposite location on the globe.

diggholegooglemap 10 Cool Google Maps Mashups

8) Walking In A Straight Line:

Where would walking in a straight line take you? Go here to find the answer. Also they’ve given links to some nice wikipedia articles to help you understand how they calculate the route. Just pick your starting point and initial angle of walk and it calculates your full circular trip as shown by the purple line below.

straightlineongooglemap 10 Cool Google Maps Mashups

7) Ease Of Doing Business:

This mashup just shows how easy it is to do business in countries on a map. Check it out here.

googlemapbusiness 10 Cool Google Maps Mashups

6) World’s Most Earthquake Vulnerable Cities:

This is a great piece of information. Just make sure not to stay there for too long. Check it out here.

earthquakegooglemap 10 Cool Google Maps Mashups

5) Searching For Property:

This is just one of the many home finding and viewing mashups for Google maps. Select your region and it show every available property for sale on the map. Check it out here.

buypropertygooglemap 10 Cool Google Maps Mashups

4) 2009 Formula One Races:

This cool mashup shows the locations for this year’s Formula 1 on a map. Check it out here.

2009F1racesgooglemap 10 Cool Google Maps Mashups

3) Explore The World  In 360:

360cities is a cool website which develops panoramas for Google Earth. Here they have shown all their work on a map. Just click on any panorama to view it.

googlemappanorama 10 Cool Google Maps Mashups

2) Living In America:

I simply love it when huge amounts of data is represented in such a way so that it easily makes sense. The guys at Forbes have made this cool mashup in which they show where American’s are living well on a map colored according to scale. Check it out here.

ForbesAmericaLivingmap 10 Cool Google Maps Mashups

1) Nuke It:

My favorite mashup yet. Just select a place, select a bomb, nuke it and check the fallout. Oh and you can set the wind direction as well. Check it out here.

nukeitgooglemap 10 Cool Google Maps Mashups

Via: NerdModo

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